Khehertha Gamos

So much love and respect for this father and son – Alexei and Revaz. They lived in Georgia until the Chechen troubles, when they had to flee their home, and travelled 2,500kms to get to St Petersburg where they now live. They are always so generous in the warmth of their welcome and feeding us delicious Georgian breads and making toasts with chacha – the much sought after and respected drink. Alexei’s favourite toast is ‘Khehertha Gamos’ which encompasses God, health and success … all rolled into some tongue stretching syllables – even with numerous shots and tries we still couldn’t get our tongues round it! Two richer spirits you couldn’t hope to meet, and we are hoping that they will come and stay with us in the U.K. this Summer. 

We are hoping to introduce Alexei’s new body of work to the Royal Miniature Society – this one measures 2 inches by 3 inches!

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