Nikolai Reznichenko and Alla Lipatova 

Nikolai Reznichenko and Alla Lipatova have moved out of the city into a brand new house that they have built down an almost unapproachable road. It’s an idyllic spot with a lake and woods a short walk away and the house has big picture windows streaming light.  Alla paints upstairs and Nikolai paints downstairs … Alla says this is an ideal combination because Nikolai is then near the kitchen and she can shout ‘Papa, bring me Chai’ She calls him Papa and he calls her Mama and their grown up son lives with them.  

Despite the house move they have been busy painting and we look forward to receiving the parcel of treasures they are promising to send us … here are some of Alla’s jewels below …

Nikolai has been doing a big commission of 12 paintings for someone and has completed 10 with 2 more to go!

Alla no longer restores icons but uses her collection to study techniques which she then uses in her own work.

It was wonderful to see them both so happy and settled – Mimi the cat looks pretty pleased too! ✨

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