The best and the worst!

Well we had the best and the worst in taxi drivers yesterday! One took us the wrong way even though we were telling him he was going the wrong way, and another we waited 45 minutes for in falling snow for him then to spend the entire journey asking for money for his sick daughter. Took this moody black and white while we were waiting but this has no black & white filter on it! 

Anyway, we had the best driver in the morning who turned out to know everybody on the arts scene in St Petersburg – it was the national day to celebrate actors and Alexander (Sacha to us by the time we had finished the trip) was a producer and director. After graduating, he worked in the Soviet Film Industry but after Perestroika the film industry fell apart so he went into visual arts and photography and print making. We’d wanted to find a Jazz club in St P but had had no luck so we ask Sasha if he knows of one, and he not only knows one but is trying to set up a jazz festival in St Petersburg. He specialises in the psychology of visual arts in cinema and art, and lectures at the Fine Art Academy. He’s also been an art reviewer and knows most of the artists in St P. He is getting money together to finish his art studio which he’s renovating and so is doing taxi driving to earn extra money. He says we should meet his friend who has a studio behind the Church on Spilled Blood, and so we are meeting him again on Wednesday morning – We’ll keep you posted! ✨

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