What a finale!

Do you remember our story of taxi drivers? We met up again with Sacha yesterday (on the left) who presented us with the beautiful hyacinths. He took us to Viktor Tihomirov’s studio (on the right)

 … It turned out that Viktor not only had the best view from his kitchen window of the Church on Spilled Blood, but is also a Renaissance Man – artist, writer, film director, illustrator and he has a daily satirical cartoon published in the paper. 

 In the small world that this often is, we also discovered that we have mutual friends – Olga from Hamburg who we had caught up with the previous night, and who gave us a whistlestop tour of the metro …

and Boris Grebenshikov – the singer who Nettie and Vineta had met when he had a concert at the Royal Albert Hall and who is also a friend of Olga’s. Viktor had some great footage of Grebenshikov giving a tiny concert for their friends, squished into Viktor’s studio!

Viktor promised us that we can be extras in his next film!

The musical theme continued with a visit in the evening to the Mariinsky 2 to see Il Trovatore.  The yellow onyx walls of the theatre are so beautiful and a popular spot for photographs.

We saw a lot of the Church on Spilled Blood yesterday … both inside and outside and at night when we were outside the House 7 Jazz club, because Sacha sweetly picked us up to take us to a couple of jazz clubs … it was a fabulous finale to our trip here. πŸ’›βœ¨



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